New book about information security policy – open access  




This publication discusses issues related to information security, analysed through the lens of considerations, threats and implementation policies. The publication is the result of studies done by the research team implementing a project related to information security as part of the “Public Diplomacy 2022” competition organised by the Polish Ministry of Foreign affairs; according to rules of the competition, papers published as part of the contest constitute results of original research and do not reflect the official stance of the Ministry. Information security is one the key aspects of modern security and its importance has been significantly increasing in contemporary international relations. This pub-lication presents the results of studies on several key aspects related to this issue. The publication contains results of research on considerations related to information security, related threats and its implementation, as well as research on social media, analysed through the lens of the object and subject of disinformation activities. This aspect includes an analysis of communication strategies adopted in respect of the Russian aggression and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, as well as mechanisms implemented as part of information security policies to shape public opinion. The publication also presents results of research directly concerning Ukraine’s information security policy, analysed from the point of view of its tenets and implementation in successive years, EU’s policy aimed at combating Russian disinformation, and presents an analysis of Russian narratives on Ukraine against the backdrop of wider geopolitical and international considerations. The perspective presented in the publication concerns selected aspects that make up the concept of security, analysed from the point of view of theoretical assumption, as well as their importance for contemporary analysis of information security and related considerations and threats. The objective of this publication was therefore to present the latest results of research into the issues mentioned above, as well as to deepen the discussion on both theoretical and practical aspects of information security which has become an extremely significant issue in today’s world.


dr hab. Piotr Bajor (prof. UJ)